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Maintaining a Connections (Manhattan’s disappearing clotheslines)

A great image (taken out the rear window of his east village apartment) and a wonderful insight on the clotheslines that are disappearing from Manhattan by my dear friend Robert Rosswag. (Quote and image pulled from his Facebok page.) “One of the things that fascinates me about the whole wash line idea is that it requires cooperation between strangers living in two different buildings. You connect with them – literally – based upon a shared need. There’s poetry in that!”

The Scarecrow

I’ve always maintained that great advertising reconciles the paradoxical problems produced by the products it promotes. (a lot of pee in that first sentence). AT&T’s “reach out and touch someone” campaign is a classic case in point. The invention of the telephone encouraged people to “leave home”, live live’s of geographic dispersion and long for intimate, personal connections. Connections that could be reestablished… with a phone call. A beautifully crafted piece, but there’s that uncomfortable, uneasy feeling I get when a brand connects on an empathetic point and makes a cultural commentary on an issue that they are, in reality, a contributor to not a solution for. Still. Beautifully done.

Tim O’Reilly: Birth of the Global Mind

Tim O’Reilly: Birth of the Global Mind from The Long Now Foundation on …I ended up in my own thinking tying that into the poetry of Wallace Stevens who had this notion that truth is actually a fiction that we persuade each other of and it’s ultimately aesthetics that is the future of human cognition, its not this engineering mindset we find in “object truth”, its actually this notion that that “reality is an exercise of the most august imagination”. …people would say “why does Plato describe this with this fantastic mystical imagery, he must have been influence by the pythagoreans” and I say “nonsense!” I know exactly why Plato describes things like justice with this incredible flowery language, because when he was first thinking about it thats exactly what it was, it was a new idea! it was powerful! it was numinous! it was full of juice! of course you describe it that way… it was like wow! the experience was WOW! and now we rehearse it and we go “yea I got …