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Branded Entertainment from the San Diego International Film Festival

My favorite six selects from the branded entertainment program at the San Diego International Film Festival.

We live in what is arguably the most creative period in human history, but it isn’t demonstrated in the “creative industries” of marketing/advertising nearly as much as in other industries, tech, culture, pop-culture. This selection is an outstanding exception. The most enjoyable hour I’ve spent in front of a screen recently.

The bummer came at the end of the program during the panel discussion which was dominated by talk of the business justification of branded content, metrics and the state of the industry. Tedious for an insider, unbearable for outsiders.

The pervasive fear and confusion regarding disruption and change within the industry is understandable but the never ending discussions, the venting and self-reassuring is exhausting. The reality is that rate of change is outpacing us. What most of us are trying to get our heads around just doesn’t exist anymore and we are notoriously horrible at predicting the future. Reading related posts is like watching people in Plato’s cave that don’t realize the shadows being cast are from distant stars that have already burned out. Whatever you think it is or was, it’s gone. So shut up and make something great. Like these. Think entertaining brands not branded entertainment. Or don’t think at all, just get busy.

The Wolf

Gravity Cat


The Worlds Biggest Asshole

A Love Story

General Howe’s Dog

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